Food Styling: Sweet Photoshoot Vol. 2

Sugar & Arts

Whether you are a confessed sugar junkies or a passionate sugar lover, this sweet photoshoot will make you feel so excited. Food Styling: Sweet Photoshoot Vol. 2 is more artistic than Vol. 1. For this collection, I played with the lights and shadows. I got inspired by the chiaroscuro style.

For food style photo shooting, I usually use only natural light. I set the white balance in Daylight Mode (5200K), even though, I changed it sometimes to Fluorescent Light (4000K) in order to achieve some cold bluish tones to highlight the blueberries.

In addition to the chiaroscuro style, I played with the focal length. I started using an EF-S 18-135mm; however, the EF 50mm gave me better results. I could reach the dark moody and dramatic feeling I was looking for when I focused on the main object and blurred the atrezzo.

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