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  • Tipos de Globos en las Historietas

    Meaning of Speech Bubbles in Comics

    One of the integral parts of comics is the character speech bubble. The meaning of speech bubbles in comics are explained, with emphasis on their proper use and comics grammar.

  • Código en el Lenguaje Visual

    Codes in Visual Language for Graphic Design

    Designers must understand the codes in visual language for graphic design in order to reach effective visual communication.

  • Conceptos y Características de la Historieta

    Concepts and Features of Comics

    Comics are an artistic medium that combines words and images to communicate a great number of ideas and emotions.

  • Comunicación Visual en el Diseño Gráfico • Ilka Perea Studio

    Visual Communication Concepts for Graphic Design

    Visual communication transmits ideas in a more efficient and aesthetic way, so it is important to know the visual communication concepts for graphic design.

  • Libros sobre Diseño Gráfico • Ilka Perea Studio

    Graphic Design Basic Concepts

    Graphic design focuses on conveying effective and aesthetically striking messages through the use of images, symbols and text. Know the basic concepts of graphic design, definitions and theories.